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We give HR function fill attention for recruitment of our personnel in accordance with stringent parameters as laid down by our Company.

Attributes which we seek in personnel are




Communication Skills


Reference Check


Telephonic Verification


Previous Employment Verification




Physically Standards


Police Verification


To establish the highest standards in the Facility Management services and to become a leading service.


Minimum Wages payable to the security personnel’s for 2021-2022, as per Karnataka Labour Department per month for 26 working days.

Terms and Conditions

  • 1. Statutory provisions of ESI and PF, etc are covered by us.
  • 2. Security Contract will be entered into for a minimum period of twelve months at the quoted rates. Rates are subject to change in case of any increase in statutory contributions as announced by Govt. during the contractual period. DA rates are announced every April for that financial year by the Government, which will be added to the existing DA and charged.
  • 3. Either party prior to terminating the contract must give a minimum of one month’s notice.
  • 4. All bills are to be cleared by the 7th of each month.
  • 5. Passes, registers, stationery, torches and battery cells are to be provided by the client.

Operational Duties

Daily Site Visits:

Operation Manager conduct daily visits to check and monitor satisfactory performance of daily work and handle special day-to-day instructions from the client. They also ensure proper conduct of guards, correct procedures being followed and the vigilance of the security personnel.

Night Visits :

A surprise night check will be conducted at the site by the Operation Manager every month. This night visit will be surprise visit after 11.30 p.m. in the night and report will be shared accordingly to client.

Assuring you with our best of services & operations support.

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